Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hello, my name is Lauren, and I'm a reality television addict.

Yes, it's true. I have poor taste in television. I spend a lot of my time watching the trashy shows I have saved to my satellite television DVR. The more ridiculous the show (or the people) the better! Some of my favorites are The Real Housewives of New York, Orange County, Atlanta, New Jersey and D. C., Teen Mom, Sixteen and Pregnant, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Dance Moms and the Jersey Shore. I'm not sure what the appeal is of watching people hash out their day to day problems on television, but whatever it is. . . I have found myself in over my head!

It's time for me to admit that my reality television habit has turned into a full blown addiction! Now that I'm on summer break, I have found myself watching T.V. until one or two in the morning. I  record anything that looks remotely interesting, and I have become glued to the television. Until recently, it was occupying 6-7 hours of my day, easily!

Last year, after a long day at school, I looked forward to coming home, plopping down on the couch and pressing play to one of the many trashy television shows I record on my DVR playlist. I thought there was no better way to relax than the couch, T.V., a diet coke and my pajamas.

Recently, I started to get frustrated that I couldn't keep up with my lesson planning, housework, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, and seemed to have no time to take my dog for a walk or exercise. I realized that it was hard to fit those things in around my busy television watching schedule. Eventually, I would convince myself that my chores could wait. Some of my many excuses were: it got "too late" or I was "too tired." I always promised myself I would "get it all done tomorrow" until tomorrow came and went, and I was even further in the hole.

Last week I decided  it was time to seek help for my reality television habit! (okay not really, but I figured it was time to start helping myself) I began to limit myself to 2 hours of T.V. a day. To most people two hours of television is reasonable. But a mere two hours sounded like a death sentence to this junkie! However, I thought I'd try it for a week and see if I had more time to do the day to day things I was putting off.

After one week I'm proud to say I've stuck to my guns! I have to admit, I threw in an extra hour when my husband was bow fishing last night, but overall I'm proud of my progress. I have successfully maintained a clean home all week. I've been researching new recipes, and I have prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for my husband and I. As you know I'm working out for an hour everyday. I have walked Willy (my pup) more than I have all summer.  I've played a couple rounds of golf, and I've gotten some painting done in my classroom. Amazingly, I started writing this blog. I've paid two months worth of bills and I've even found time to shampoo the carpet in our home this week! Can you believe it? All that. . . just by cutting out television?

Best of all, I've discovered my love for reading again. It feels so good to actually exercise my brain with a good book rather than analyze Kim Kardashian's outfits or Teen Mom's dead beat dads. I've found that working out, reading and cooking are great stress relievers for me. It feels so good to get things done, and so far I haven't had a television craving. I'm amazed at the things I can get done!

Don't get me wrong. . . I savor the two hours of reality television I allot myself a day. I'm just no longer a slave to my addiction :)

As a recovering addict, I'm hoping that my new coping skills will help me be a more organized, motivated and prepared teacher this school year. Good things are on the horizon!

In recovery,

Mrs. Patmore

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